Our process is like a journey that starts in search for the best wine producers, visiting their vineyars, going through tastings, pairings and ends in our 21st century kitchen

where the Wine to Eat magic occurs.

Wineyards and grape Varietals

We love wine, we know how to create amazing wine products, but ... we do not produce it, therefore we need to search for the best wines coming from the best varietals and from the best producers all around the world.


We intensively try all the wines we use in our products. We need to make sure that all the aromas and fruity character we want are present and strong enough to suit for Wine to Eat products.

Wine to Eat Magic

Well, this is the time to pass from the vineyards to our 21st century kitchen. Here we mix our knowledge of cuisine and our passion for wine, and some miracles are created resulting in the Wine to Eat products.

Wine to Eat Experiences

This is the part we adore. To make our costumers delighted with Wine to Eat products.


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We're always looking

for passionat winemakers

to help us create the next great product.

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